The Classroom

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The Classroom is our community of donors. Their contributions are put straight back into the project fund.

The Classroom is our group of public donors that are opening up opportunities to the next generation of children. Their donations are put into the necessities that we take for granted: the school, their school materials, and the meals. This community can follow as blogs are posted on world updates and how the Hope Sustains Life projects are progressing.

  The Impact

Education gives these young minds HOPE. Your contribution is an investment in the astounding number of refugee children out of school. Imagine navigating the world without anything or anyone to believe in you. Education paves a brighter path to becoming self-sufficient individuals that are capable of achieving incredible feats, just as long as they’re given the tools to harness those strengths.

  How To Join

Check out the Our Work page and donate to aid the projects that we’re currently involved with. If you have any further questions, visit our Contact Us page and shoot us an email.

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